Jones Networking’s goal is to serve as a staffing and recruiting partner with our clients in the Washington DC Metro, Baltimore, MD and Charlotte, NC. We help companies identify the local talent they need to be successful. Jones Networking focuses on your recruiting process so you can focus on business operations and company growth. We locate and screen candidates to your specifications and oversee the entire interview and offer process.

Reduced Costs
Jones Networking replaces all costs associated with time-consuming advertising, recruiting and interviewing. Pre-hire background checks, credit checks and drug testing are all available per your request. For our contractual and temporary employees, we handle the processing and administering of payroll as well as health/ wellness benefits. In addition, we track and pay for vacation leave, holiday pay and sick days. All payroll taxes and required insurances are covered by Jones Networking. Unemployment and workers’ compensation insurance, disputes, claims, hearings, paperwork and representation is covered and paid for by our firm. Fortunately, unemployment claims will not affect your company’s bottom line.

Reduced Risks
Effective staffing is crucial to maximizing profitability. We recognize the value of the perfect employee and thus offer a temp-to-hire option so that your company may try out our candidates before a commitment is made. In addition, we offer a ninety day guarantee on direct hire candidates, as well as short term guarantees on our temporary employees.

Increased Flexibility
Jones Networking’s temporary staff offers immediate coverage during busy and crucial times. We understand the direct correlation between staff and production; staff levels can be raised or reduced to manage production levels throughout the year.

Saves Valuable Time
All of our candidates are pre-screened by our team of specialized Corporate Recruiters. We provide high-quality candidates who not only possess the skills and experience you require, but who also have the personality traits to flourish in your work setting. With one telephone call, you can count on us to have strong resumes and candidates readily available within hours.

Improved Office Morale
Jones Networking’s temporary staff helps your company personnel avoid burnout, productivity losses, and limits turnover during stressful times. Additionally, all our candidates are pre-screened to make sure that they are the right fit for your corporate culture.

Recruiting Partnership
Jones Networking establishes long-term relationships with our clients. Our goal is to create mutually beneficial partnerships with our clientele over time by gaining their trust in our services. Our Business Development Managers are equipped with mobile telephones and are easily accessible 24/7 for all of our clients. Our database is 100% web-based; therefore, our corporate recruiting team has full remote access and can fill staffing requests at anytime. We work around the clock, so that you don’t have to.

If you’re looking to hire top talent in the Washington, DC metro area, Baltimore, MD or Charlotte, NC, please email us at to be connected immediately with one of our local Business Development Managers.