Hard work is the trend that never goes out of style. All successful professionals would agree there is no substitute for hard work. Discipline, patience, dedication and perseverance help keep people on the path towards success, but hard work actually gets one there.

Come Early and Stay Late
Grab your coffee early folks, because arriving ten to fifteen minutes prior to your start time is the new running in as the clock strikes 8:59. It’s not necessarily a discredit to one’s work ethic to arrive on time, but arriving several minutes early can prepare one for the day ahead and possibly prepare one for the unexpected. Also, this allotted time can be used to view/respond to important emails, perform routine clerical tasks, review your daily schedule and free up moments for miscellaneous tasks that come up throughout the work day. As for staying late, prioritizing is key. If the task is nearly complete, integral to a project, helpful to others, and will ease tomorrow’s stress, then it is most likely worth staying a little late until the project is completed.

Teamwork and Collaboration
Though it’s a cliché as old as time itself, “teamwork has been known to actually make a dream work.” Collaboration is often essential to the completion of tasks and duties for most offices, departments and organizations. The integration of more people, ideals, and varying backgrounds enables innovative creations and quicker completion times. Even if a position is an independent one, contributing ideas and asking to assist a colleague can better improve company culture, add a different perspective to a project, and further coworkers and supervisors value of your dedication and input within the company.

Be Positive
Remaining positive through frustrating and/or stressful times can lead to growth and learning, respect from coworkers and supervisors and of course the more lucrative raise or promotion. Although there is no way to avoid every stressful work day that hampers a positive perspective, there are ways to handle them, and complaining is not one of them. Again, prioritize important duties, practice humility, ask for assistance, and find tools that can expedite tasks. Finally, maintain a positive outlook on situations by breaking large projects into smaller tasks to alleviate the inundation of it all.

If you ask any successful person, they will tell you that there is absolutely no alternative to hard work. The amount of effort one puts in, will ultimately determine the amount of success one will achieve.

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