Position Title: Information Security Analyst (Incident Response)
Location: Rockville, MD
Industry: Federal Contracting
Work Hours: 9.00am – 6.00pm


  • Coordinate and provide expert technical support to enterprise-wide technicians to resolve cyber defense incidents; Correlate incident data to identify specific vulnerabilities and make recommendations that enable expeditious remediation.
  • Perform analysis of log files from a variety of sources to identify possible threats to network security.
  • Validate security incidents & perform defense triage to include determining scope, urgency, and potential impact; identifying the specific vulnerability; and making recommendations for remediation.
  • Perform real-time incident handling tasks (e.g., forensic collections, intrusion correlation and tracking, threat analysis, and direct system remediation).
  • Analyze network alerts from various sources and determine possible causes of such alerts.
  • Track and document cyber defense incidents from initial detection through final resolution.
  • Employ approved defense-in-depth principles and practices (e.g., defense-in-multiple places, layered defenses, security robustness).
  • Serve as technical expert and liaison to law enforcement personnel and explain incident details as required; Coordinate with intelligence analysts to correlate threat assessment data.
  • Perform cyber defense trend analysis and reporting; Monitor external data sources (e.g., cyber defense vendor sites, Computer Emergency Response Teams, Security Focus) to maintain currency of cyber defense threat condition and determine which security issues may have an impact on the enterprise; Write and publish after action reviews;
  • Gather and analyze information for defining requirements, specifications and issues to support the development of new policies, standards and procedures or update existing ones.
  • Work with a team of diverse individuals and cross-functional teams to solve unique and complex problems with broad impact on the business.
  • Provide clear updates to management on security incidents; Investigate, document, and report on forensic investigations and emerging vulnerabilities to stay up to date


Salary and Benefits:
– Competitive salary.
– Generous health benefits package.
– Life and disability insurance.
– 401(k) retirement plan.