LinkedIn has quickly become one of the top places to introduce yourself to potential employers, whether you are an active or passive job seeker. In addition to your resume, your LinkedIn profile is potentially a first impression that may leave a lasting impression on a hiring manager. A large majority of recruiters these days will immediately perform a LinkedIn search on a candidate that submits a resume for a job opening. Follow these simple tips to get you noticed by recruitment firms and potential employers!

Judge a Book by the Cover
A picture goes a long way. Make sure the profile picture for your account is professional. You don’t necessarily need a three-piece suit, or a blazer and high heels, but look presentable and polished. Also, the background matters too. Try not to stand in front of something that is too distracting or colorful. You are the subject of your own LinkedIn page, therefore you should be the center of attention in your picture. If you are currently in school, take advantage of the career center’s services. Some centers offer LinkedIn professional picture sessions. Take advantage of these resources while they are still available to you.

Use a professional picture on LinkedIn.

Build Your Network
Of course connecting with a lot of people will expand your network. The purpose of expanding your network is to open opportunities, but connecting with the right people is more advantageous. Perform a search of staffing agencies in your area and connect with the recruiters to place you on their radar. If they don’t come to you at first, go to them! Also, connect with people who are familiar with your skill-set and work ethic. These may include co-workers, former colleagues and supervisors, professors, and all others that have observed you in a working or educational environment. Once connected with these individuals, their networks will be available for you to view for additional potential connections. Follow these fundamental steps to building your network, and you will have a solid infrastructure of trusted links that can vouch for your abilities.

Endorse Me, Please!
Don’t be hesitant to ask for endorsements or recommendations for skills. LinkedIn has many features to help amplify your marketability. Send a message to a trusted connection and request a skill endorsement or provide an endorsement for someone. An endorsement for someone else may result in one for you too. Another one of LinkedIn’s beneficial attributes is the recommendation feature. This enables you to request, receive, and store recommendations. Not only will hiring managers possess a snapshot of your background and unique skill-set, but now they will be able to review endorsements from your most qualified links.

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